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Bad Movie Night
Every Sunday
December 14, 2014:
it's a wonderful life

December 2014's theme:
War on Christmas!
The Tabernacle
Every Wednesday

Stand up comedy!

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The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle

The sounds of laughter return to Wednesday nights here at the Dark Room with the Tabernacle. Every week on Wednesday night at 8PM, Matt Lieb, Torio Van Grol, and Steve Post host the Mission's newest stand up comedy show, all for a measly Five bucks!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Thai Rivera headlines.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Dan St. Germain headlines.

Tickets: $5 at the door.

Every Wednesday 8PM $5

Bad Movie Night

Bad Movie Night

Every Sunday 8PM $6.99

In the tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000,
except you can't tell which ones are the robots.
- David Manning

Cinema is our culture's dominant art form.
It holds up a mirror to who we are.
It reflects our society, our dreams, our hopes, our fears.
Our films are how future generations are going to judge us.

Unfortunately, most of them suck.

Seriously, though - ever notice how you can't walk down the street or open a magazine or stand in line at a store or simply exist without ads for some dumbass multi-zillion dollar movie about a talking kangaroo being shoved down your throat?

And then they expect you to pay fifteen dollars to see it in some googolplex, and after sitting through a half hour of commercials? Or watch it on DVD and have to sit through even more commercials and anti-piracy ads that you can't skip past? Doesn't it all just piss you off?

If so - or if you just like to have a good time - then Bad Movie Night is for you.

Laugh with the hosts riffing on the movie. Yell your own comments. Try to figure out what the hell "Skull Films!" means. Help yourself to the free popcorn. Enjoy the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice purchased from the store across the street. Don't worry if the guy behind the counter glares at you. He does that to everyone.

Best of all, only pay six measly bucks (and ninety-nine measly cents).

Join us.

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Every Sunday 8PM $6.99

Hey! Bad Movie Night is
ending on March 29, 2015.

Join us before it's too late!

Sunday, December 14, 2014
8PM, $6.99

it's a wonderful life
(it's a wonderful life)

it's a wonderful lifeAs usual, SF Weekly's repertory calendar said it best a way back in 2007 when we first did this movie (land ong before I started writing for them, after which point they stopped saying anything the best):

Yeah. What's wrong with these people? Which is to say, us?

How can we make fun of a movie that's so beloved, that's unquestioningly revered by so many people, so much so that we evidently aren't supposed to...well, make fun of it?

Well, have you tried to actually watch the damn movie recently?

If not—or even if you have—come on down and watch it again. By the time it's over, you'll feel just like the kid at the bottom of the picture with his hands on his face.

Your hosts Jim Fourniadis and Chris Rockey
will not be getting their wings.

Upcoming Phlegms:

December 21, 2014 The Polar Express
A terrifying CGI train ride deep into the Uncanny Valley, where lifeless collections of pixels take on a vaguely human form to haunt your deepest nightmares.
Dead-eyed wackiness ensues.

Hosts: Jim Fourniadis, Mike Spiegelman, and other valley-dwellers.

December 28, 2014 The Nutcracker in 3-D
The children's story no child actually likes becomes a nightmare-inducing CGI abomination for all ages.
Unshelled wackiness ensues.

Hosts: Sherilyn Connelly, Dan Foley, other ballbusters.

Annual Kickoff Movie!

January 4, 2015 Snakes on a Plane!
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by motherfucking snakes.
Slithery wackiness ensues.
Snakes on a Plane
Hosts: Jim Fourniadis, Mikl-Em, Dan Foley, and other bad motherfuckers.

Battlefield Earth January 11, 2015 Battlefield Earth
John Travolta really really really wanted to make this movie. The problem is, you shouldn't always get what you want.
Pre-clear pandemonium reigns.
Hosts: Sherilyn Connelly, Tristan Buckner Dan Foley, and other Psychlos.

January 18, 2015 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg dip back into the well, and the results feel more like The Phantom Menace than Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Shia LaPandemonium reigns.

Hosts: Jim Fourniadis, Mike Spiegelman, Ira Emsig, and other mutts.

MANOS: The Hands of Fate January 25, 2014 MANOS: The Hands of Fate -
The Restoration

One of the strangest low-budget films ever made gets restored in HD. (Citizen Kane was leading up to this.)
El Pasan wackiness ensues.
Hosts: Sherilyn Connelly, Alexia Staniotes, Tim Kay, and other Torgos (Torgoes? Torgii?).

February 1, 2015 Xanadu
Olivia Newton-John plays an angel or something who helps a guy with feathered hair open a roller disco joint. It's even less butch than it sounds.
Neon wackiness ensues.

Hosts: Sherilyn Connelly, Rose Lacy, Mike Spiegelman and other muses.

February 8, 2015 KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park
There was a time when cocaine was plentiful enough for this movie to seem like a good idea, and that time was the 1970s.
Detroit rock pandemonium reigns.

Hosts: Jim Fourniadis, Mikl-Em, Ira Emsig, and other black diamonds.

February 15, 2015 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Gwen Stefani was right—this shit is bananas. Sure, she was referring to something else entirely, but it doesn't change the fact that this movie is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
Wackiness which is neither bad, dangerous nor invincible ensues.

Hosts: Sherilyn Connelly, Tristan Buckner, Chris Rockey, and other bad touchers.

February 22, 2015 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton in a very, very seventies movie sorta kinda not really based on Abbey Road. Or maybe it was Pet Sounds? One of those Rolling Stones albums.
Bell-bottomed pandemonium reigns.

Hosts: Jim Fourniadis, Mike Spiegelman, Mikl-Em, and other lovely meter maids.

3/1/15:The Last Boy Scout

2/8/15:The Last Action Hero

3/15/15:The Last Dragon

3/22/15:The Last Airbender

3/29/15:8pm: Red Dawn (1984)
6pm: Red Dawn (2012)
   (Our 10th anniversary, and final show!)

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