The Dark Room is your one-stop shop for SF comedy, theater, events, entertainment, and rehearsal space - as well as recording studio facilities, both pre- and post-production.

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Our Staff:

Jim Fourniadis
Owner Dark Room Theatre, Sound Engineer, Co-Founder Dark Room Productions, Producer, Computer Slave, Actor, Director, Gamer, Card Shark, and Former Rat of Unusual Size.
Rhiannon Charisse
Lights, Sound, Action (only if you buy her a drink). All-around Bossy Betty. Also, Assistant Manager.
Muscle. Becky is new to the staff. If you visit the Dark Room frequently, you've probably seen her on stage, or at least heard her creepy impression of an exasperated computer. Now you'll also see her sitting at the door, taking your money. Check back as her duties increase. Ha ha. "Duties." Ha ha ha. "Staff."
Lauren Davidson
The newest member of The Dark Room family. Much like her as-yet-undefined job title, not much is known about this mysterious drifter. When Lauren isn't onstage she's most likely skulking through the rafters and dark places of the theater. If you haven't had the pleasure of bumping into her yet don't worry, you'll definitely see her skulking around your own person soon. Consider this advance warning.
Layla Rudy
Layla Rudy is a gal of many talents, specifically related to ballet and the internet (not at the same time). She's a Gemini, has a pair of irritable chihuahuas, loves cake, and Patrick Swayze is her spirit animal. She acknowledges the fact that she is basically a 14-year-old girl.
Sherilyn Connelly
Vestige, Bottomfeeder, Liability, Webmonkey, and
Bad Movie Night Heretic.